About Us

Coffee & Prayer

Coffee & Prayer is an organisation for the everyday woman. We create spaces online and offline for women to connect, to be their authentic selves and to talk about everyday issues and taboo topics, providing room for them to grow.

Our goal is to equip women to be their best, empower them to live purposefully and inspire them to connect with God. 

Proverbs 27:17 tells us that one person sharpens another and that’s why it’s important for us to build a community of women, passionate about exploring faith. Every woman has something to add to another woman. We may not have the same journey but we’ve felt the same things. Community reminds us that we are not alone, in this thing we call life.


Susan Deborahs is passionate about activating women and bringing the connection between faith and life. Susan believes that our faith is meant to influence the way we live and how we are. 

Alongside her husband Ayo Oduniyi, she co-leads a church, A New Thing LDN. A church focused on expressing the kingdom creatively and re-establishing the power of family. 

Susan has overcome the pain of losing her parents, abuse, depression, homelessness and much more. Her passion is to use her experiences and insights to rebuild and empower every person she comes in contact with. Through books, masterclasses and online content.

Meet the Team

Susan Deborahs

Founder & Creative Lead


Operation Lead


Events Lead


Communications Lead


Media Lead


Prayer Lead